Los Uros, the people who for thousands of years have been living floating over the cold waters of lake Titicaca, are upon the brink of disappearing.
A definite conflict divides Uro people. Those who live closer the coast and depend on tourists for their livelihood, wish to adapt to the world that visit and provide them with their daily bread. And those living on the other side do not want contact with outsiders and insist on living in accordance with their ancestral customs of hunting, fishing and gathering.
Meanwhile, they are keeping a fight against the Peruvian State that refuses to recognize them like the owners of the “territory” where they have always dwelled.
María is a centenarian woman, the oldest settler in there, through her and some other settlers from both sides we reach a full panorama concerning Los Uros.
Furthermore, the impressive landscape of the place, its changing and extreme atmospheric condition, but mainly a spiritual relationship Uros people have with nature, is an issue that gives us much to think.

fotos:   luciano saco   y   humberto saco